Space-saving Potential Distribution At A Width Of Only 6 mm From Phoenix Contact

ptcdWith its adjustable setting range from one to eight amps, Phoenix Contact's single-channel electronic PTCB device circuit breaker is especially well-suited for easy and space-saving potential distribution.

Standard terminal blocks and accessories can be used, thanks to the ability to bridge to the Clipline complete portfolio of terminal block systems. There is no need to certify new materials; meaning adding to existing applications is quick and easy. Thanks to their space-saving overall width of six millimetres, these devices offer reliable protection from overload and short-circuit current in tight spaces.

The adjustable current (I) values on each device enable them to cover a wide range of applications. You can make adjustments even during start-up. Users can respond to changes in the application at any time. The product portfolio features three adjustable devices with different nominal current ranges between one and eight amps. Four additional products, with fixed nominal currents of two, three, four and six amps, round out the PTCB product range.


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