New M40 Hybrid Connectors For Signal, Data And Power Transmission From Phoenix Contact

m40 hybridThe new M40 Hybrid connectors from Phoenix Contact safely transmits signals, data, and power in a single connector.

The M40 circular connector is designed for currents up to 70 A and voltages up to 630 V AC or 850 V DC. This means that the IP65/IP67 connectors are particularly suitable for servo drives and daisy chain applications.

The hybrid connectors are available with different inserts for pin or socket contacts as well as coding for AC and DC. The pin connector patterns comprise four contacts each for power (plus protective contact), signals, and data. The CAT5 data interface can be replaced with four additional signal contacts.

The range comprises cable connectors, coupler connectors, as well as straight and angled-rotatable device connectors for various areas of application.


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