Heavy-duty Connectors For Confined Spaces From Phoenix Contact

heavycon evoThe heavy-duty Heavycon EVO connectors feature our patented EVO-Lock system. This allows flexible adjustment of the cable outlet direction on site.

The EVO series now includes the low-profile sleeve housing in sizes B16 and B24 and a B6-TWIN housing with two flexible cable outlets and a lever locking system. These new products are particularly suitable for use in confined spaces.

They are made of robust high-performance plastic with impact resistance IK09 and degree of protection IP66, NEMA 4X. They are also industry-standard-compatible and can be combined with all standard commercial aluminium housings. As well as the new B6-TWIN housing the product range also includes TWIN housings in sizes B10 to B24 with lateral lever lock.

A great advantage of the EVO series is reduced storage costs. Up to 75% reduction in housing size because the matching cable glands with bayonet interlocking allow both a lateral and a direct cable outlet direction with one housing.


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