Handheld Printer for Fast Marking on Site from Phoenix Contact

Thermofox thermal transfer printerThermofox is the thermal transfer printer for continuous material from Phoenix Contact. An easy-to-operate, portable marking device for short-term use on site.

Labels, signs and shrink sleeves in continuous format can be marked for all areas of cable, conductor, device, terminal, and system making.

Alongside manual input, even prepared printing data from other devices can be transmitted via an interface and printed. This means that even larger data quantities can be easily processed. The materials are supplied in conjunction with the matching ink ribbon in practical material cassettes. The material length per cassette is 8 meters; in the case of shrink sleeves, 1.8 meters. Automatic material detection prevents printing errors.

A variety of labelling materials with a width of up to 24 mm can be processed using the handheld printer. In addition, the handheld printer prints shrink sleeves for conductor diameters up to 9.5 mm. They are available in the 3:1 and 2:1 shrink rates.


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