Fast Connection And Safe Supply From Phoenix Contact

patch panelsEthernet patch panels enable a quick and easy connection between the field and control cabinet cabling. The eight new DIN rail devices from Phoenix Contact provide various connection options.

In the covered wiring space, the connection technologies IDC, Push-in and screw connection simplify the installation of the field cable.

The cable shielding is connected without tools, with strain relief assured at the same time. This saves time during installation. The optional surge protection protects the connected end devices, therefore increasing system availability. The additional shield current monitoring system enables valuable diagnostics. Any shield currents present, caused by different potentials or EMC, are indicated via an LED. Thus, problems in the installation are indicated immediately, without the need for extensive measurements.

The range is complemented with twelve Power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors, which can supply remote Ethernet devices, such as cameras, with data and electricity via a shared cable. The installation technology and protective functions of the patch panel are being used for the first time in these twelve devices. Along with these new technologies, the devices are available with up to 60 W power and an electrically isolated power supply unit.


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