Concord Hits The Right Note With The Beacon Tune LED Spotlight

Beacon Tune SpotlightConcord has unveiled the latest member of the renowned Beacon family of spotlights, the Beacon Tune. Designed specifically for museums and galleries, the tuneable LED spotlight incorporates the latest in LED technology to offer dimming from 0% to 100% and a tuneable white colour range from warm 2100k to cool 4300k.

Concord Beacon Tune allows both the colour temperature and lumen output to be adjusted, exactly meeting the precise atmospheric requirements of a particular exhibition or display. For example, 4300K cool 'blue' white is ideal for an exhibition featuring a cold climate such expeditions from the Arctic or Antarctic, whilst 2100K warm 'yellow' white would suit exhibits from a warm climate or an indoor exhibit originally created under natural candlelight.

The luminaire provides complete flexibility which is particularly useful in temporary exhibition spaces where exhibits change regularly, as the Beacon Tune is able to apply a change in the lit effect, creating the required atmosphere.

“We are delighted to introduce this state-of-the-art luminaire to the Beacon range,” comments Neil Solanki, Strategic Business Manager for Concord. “The Beacon Tune’s flexibility in offering such a wide range of dimming and tuning options allows the user greater control over their lighting, as well as its energy efficiency and high quality light output makes it an ideal solution for use in display settings.”

Beacon Tune offers great simplicity in dimming and tuning as there is no complex control system required, the user simply has to turn two dials conveniently located on the front of the luminaire to achieve the desired brightness and colour temperature. Not only does this make the Beacon Tune easy to use, but it also ensures consistency and accuracy across an installation.

Concord is well known for the high quality of its luminaires and the Beacon Tune is no exception. It boasts a CRI of 90, low energy consumption and a long lifetime thanks to advanced thermal protection, and in dropping down to 2100K it achieves the warmest white light of any tuneable luminaire on the market.

Available in flood or spot format, the Beacon Tune includes a specially designed lens that focuses the beam to ensure minimal glare and maximum usable light. This enhances its value for use in museums and galleries where lighting can play such a significant role in helping exhibits stand out and look their best. The track mounted Beacon Tune comes in black and white colour options to complement other products within the Beacon range. 


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