Crompton Lamps Launch 5W Classic GLS LED

Crompton LED GLS5W lampCrompton Lamps had launched a unique 5W LED lamp that has the appearance of the popular GLS for those who have mourned the loss of this traditional light source.

Since their launch onto the market, energy efficient lamps have come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, including tube, candle, spiral, globe and many other options but for some applications it is still the GLS shape that is preferred. Part of Crompton’s Manor Range, the 5W LED GLS offers the best of both worlds, combining all the benefits of LED’s in a form everyone is accustomed to.

With its integrated SMD patented technology, the range includes clear and satin finish with excellent lumen outputs and instant full light start. With a life expectancy of 20,000 hours, the LEDs offer excellent illumination in warm white (3000K) with no compromise in performance.

Following vigorous testing in Crompton’s own research facilities the 5W GLS when compared to a 25W incandescent lamp, offers equal or better lumen brightness, longer life and circa 88% in energy savings. All of the specifications claimed on Crompton’s products are matched by genuine product performance.

The 5W LED GLS lamp is perfect for use in both decorative and everyday applications.

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