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Cablofil technical and commercial seminars

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Technical seminars :

 Intending to provide an overview of our operation and an understanding of the performance levels of the product.

    * Brief introduction to CABLOFIL®
    * Introduction of Sales Teams
    * Features & Benefits fo the product
    * Load testing explaination
    * EMC testing
    * Earthing test
    * Logistic platform globally
    * Product offering
    * Range testing explaination
    * Specific bracketery
    * Compression testing
    * Fire test E30 / E90

 Commercial seminars :

 Intending to show that working with CABLOFIL® provides many areas of benefits.

    * Review of projects that provided savings
    * Design inputs
    * Continuity, ease of supply, peace of mind
    * Commercial benefits
    * On-site toolbox training
    * Cutting & bending demonstration
    * Contractors targets, environmental
    * Commitment to change industry practices


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