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Gent Provides Answers to the Protocol Debate with New CPD

Gent by Honeywell is launching a brand new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar to tackle the long running fire industry debate surrounding system protocols. The seminar is aimed at helping consultants, specifiers and fire industry insiders involved in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and servicing of fire systems.

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Titon CPD Seminars

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CPD - The application of Approved Document Part F 2006 Ventilation (England & Wales) to domestic buildings

This CPD explains the key changes to previous editions of Part F which affect both the design of new dwellings and work on existing dwellings. The comprehensive agenda covers all aspects of the ventilation requirements for domestic buildings including the changes to background ventilator performance requirements and all four of the "systems" outlined in the 2006 Approved Document.

We only use suitably qualified and trained CPD presenters with many years of experience in the ventilation industry, so you can be assured of receiving the highest quality CPD presentations and seminars.

Who would benefit?
The CPD is aimed primarily at specifiers and building professionals, though it can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of almost anyone with an interest in the ventilation of dwellings.

Is it accredited?
The CPD is fully accredited by the Construction CPD Certification Service.

How long does the CPD take?
We recommend that you allow one hour.


CPD course


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Hacel Lighting CPD seminars

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The CPD Certification Service is fully committed to the enhancement of skills and knowledge through planned continuing personal and professional development (CPD). As part of our continued process of development Hacel have joined the CPD Certification Service for the Construction Sector, with the view of providing accredited, detailed and informative lighting information to our clients.

Our initial approved seminars are:·    

Relux Lighting Design Software
A basic to intermediate level, interactive introduction to the software lasting for approximately three hours.

Lighting Controls
An introduction to simple lighting controls progressing to intelligent addressable controls systems lasting for approximately one hour.


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Socomec UPS - CPD Seminars

Uninterruptible Power Supply Solutions

SOCOMEC’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminar on Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions is aimed to give you an understanding of UPS systems. UPS CPD’s are aimed at the M&E Consultants and Major M&E Contractors to share the development in static UPS technology and design when used within the building services marketplace.

We organise each 1 hour (maximum) seminar presentation to coincide with a suitable time for you and your colleagues. Ideally the seminars are best suited to Electrical and Mechanical design/development engineers.

The seminar can be arranged for your place of work or at our offices in Gloucestershire. Socomec would be happy to provide a buffet and refreshments for those candidates who attend the seminar.

 - An Introduction to Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
 - Latest UPS Topology
 - Latest Rectifier Technology
 - Installation applications


Socomec CPD Courses


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Sanyo CPD Seminars

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CPD Seminars available both on site and remotely - topics covered:

 - Gas Driven VRF
 - Air to Water Heat Pumps
 - Legislation


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Dyson CPD Seminars

Dyson is now accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects to provide CPD.As an architect or construction industry professional, you’ll accrue double CPD points when you attend a free, one hour seminar by the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer team, which includes coverage of the core curriculum for Health and Safety.


The theme of this seminar is "The Hand Drying Landscape and its Evolution".


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apollo CPD Seminars



apollo now offers training seminars that will count towards your Continuing Professional Development. These free sessions on fire industry-related topics allow you to stay up to date

• False Alarm Reduction in Automatic Fire Detection Systems - the Manufacturer’s Contribution
• Independent Certification /EU Construction Products Directive for Fire Products
• Life Cycle Costs in Fire Detection Systems


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Applying our lighting expertise of over 100 years, Holophane offer a series of RIBA approved CPD seminars covering the following subject areas:

* Seminar 1:
      Amenity lighting & architectural floodlighting Lighting exterior car parks, pathways, perimeters, architecture, signage and landscapes


* Seminar 2:
      Architectural floodlighting Lighting architecture, signage, trees and flags


* Seminar 3:
      Amenity lighting - Lighting exterior car parks, pathways and perimeters


* Seminar 4:
      Power of the prism Lighting interiors with prismatic glass technology


* Seminar 5:
      Combined control of light and energy The benefits of prismatic technology with controllable high frequency gear for HID lamps.

* Seminar 6:

      Maintained illuminance An explanation of the effects and results of this method of lighting calculation as advocated by BS EN and C.I.B.S.E.

* Seminar 7:

      LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) Technology

* Seminar 8:

      Columns and EN40 (Lighting Column Conformity)


All participants will receive a CPD certificate, seminar notes, ILE guidance notes on the reduction of light pollution and product literature.



Seminars 1,4,5,6,7 and 8: one hour
Seminars 2 & 3: 30 minutes

Seminar booking
To book a seminar, please complete the downloadable form below and email to Holophane at this address:

    * Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Dimplex CPD Seminars

As a member of the Construction CPD Certification Service we take part in roadshows and other events around the country. From time to time, we may organise our own ad hoc CPD events. If you are interested in being added to our database, so that we can contact you when we next organise a seminar.


 Copies of current and previous presentations are available to download below:

    * Achieving compliance with electric heating and part L CPD

    * Heat pump PDF presentation - Heating that doesn’t cost the Earth

    * CfSH and Electric Heating Presentation - Autumn 08

We have just taken part in a series of seminars for social housing providers, and copies of these presentations are available on the Dimplex website:

    * Heat Pump Social Housing Seminars - Earth Energy (England)
    * Heat Pump Social Housing Seminars - Dimplex (England)
    * Heat Pump Social Housing Seminars - NPS
    * Heat Pump Social Housing Seminars - Earth Energy (Scotland)
    * Heat Pump Social Housing Seminars - Dimplex (Scotland)
    * Heat Pump Social Housing Seminars - AFM
    * Heat Pump Social Housing Seminars - GSHPA Installer Accreditation (England)
    * Heat Pump Social Housing Seminars - GSHPA Installer Accreditation (Scotland)
    * Heat Pump Social Housing Seminars - EST Scottish Renewable Heating
    * Heat Pump Social Housing Seminars - BRE - LCBP


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Vortice CPD courses

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Condensation & Mould Growth in Dwellings
This CPD course covers the following areas:

•   the impact on health, and the damage to buildings caused by Condensation and Mould Growth;
•   the cost liability, in some cases, on Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Private Landlords;
•   how this became a problem;
•   how to identify the problem;
•   the preventative and restorative measures that can be taken both short term and long term.


Domestic Ventilation Solutions Your Choices

This CPD course covers the following areas:

• Environmental factors in creating the best possible conditions indoors;
• The Problems - condensation;
• The zonal concept of Amendment No 3 to the IEE Wiring Regulations;
• Methods of achieving effective domestic ventilation;
• The pros and cons of each method.


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Cablofil technical and commercial seminars

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Technical seminars :

 Intending to provide an overview of our operation and an understanding of the performance levels of the product.

    * Brief introduction to CABLOFIL®
    * Introduction of Sales Teams
    * Features & Benefits fo the product
    * Load testing explaination
    * EMC testing
    * Earthing test
    * Logistic platform globally
    * Product offering
    * Range testing explaination
    * Specific bracketery
    * Compression testing
    * Fire test E30 / E90

 Commercial seminars :

 Intending to show that working with CABLOFIL® provides many areas of benefits.

    * Review of projects that provided savings
    * Design inputs
    * Continuity, ease of supply, peace of mind
    * Commercial benefits
    * On-site toolbox training
    * Cutting & bending demonstration
    * Contractors targets, environmental
    * Commitment to change industry practices


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