Faster solar PV system testing with the PV150

Seaward Solar test equipment in useSeaward Solar has produced a new video to demonstrate the fast testing effectiveness of its PV150 dedicated solar PV tester.


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New E-T-A Electronic Circuit Protector Saves Space and Installation Time

E-T-A Circuit Breakers, quality designer and manufacturer of a broad range of electro- mechanical and electronic products for circuit protection, has introduced a new electronic circuit protector providing active current limitation for selective protection of load circuits powered by 24V DC power supplies in industrial and building automation applications.


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Megger Opens Up The Middle Ground for Circuit Breaker Test

Megger TM1700With the launch of the new TM1700 range of circuit breaker analysers from Megger, users with regular circuit breaker testing requirements no longer have to choose between low-end instruments designed only for simple applications and versatile but costly high-end instruments.


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New Eaton 9PX UPS Maximises Energy Efficiency, Reliability and Performance for Virtual Environments

Eaton 9PX UPSDiversified Industrial Manufacturer Eaton has announced that its Power Quality business has launched the Eaton 9PX Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), the next generation of energy efficient 5 to 11 kVA future-proof UPSs for virtualised environments.

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Scolmore Pioneers Next Generation in Integrated LED Downlights

Scolmore Downlight LEDScolmore has launched what it is describing as the industry’s most sophisticated integrated LED downlight to date - one that will provide contractors and installers with a high light output, high performance product that can be fitted into the shallowest of ceiling voids.

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Zhaga Consortium Publishes Book 3, Interface Specifications for LED Light Engines

Zhaga has made the interface specification ‘Book 3’ publicly available as free download.  Book 3 defines the interface for a small, round, LED light engine suitable for spot lighting and other applications that need a point light source.


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London Bridges’ Summer Lighting Scheme Extended to Brighten Winter Commute

As a legacy of the capital’s summer events, six of London’s iconic bridges now have a permanent architectural lighting infrastructure, making the winter journey home more pleasurable for thousands of commuters.


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2200K Chipset Marks A Golden Opportunity For LED Market

The world's largest LED chipset supplier has announced the launch of a 2200K colour chipset to meet the market demand for a warmer, golden light that can match the output of an incandescent lamp.


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LED Retrofit Achieves Significant Savings for Brighton Hospital

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust expect to achieve savings in the region of £21,000 after retrofitting LED lighting in several areas of the building, and payback in some areas is projected to take less than 2 years.


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Toshiba Introduces Roadway and industrial LED Luminaires

Toshiba International Corporation released two newly enhanced LED luminaires for use in roadway and industrial applications. Toshiba has taken a unique approach to its luminaire product design to optimize the LED’s longevity and reliability, which translates to greater energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs than conventional luminaires.


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