New Standard for Protection Against Lightning

BS EN 62305-2 Protection against lightning. Risk management outlines risk assessment for a structure or service from lightning flashes to earth.

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The Latest Standards To Assist In Fire Safety Compliance

The BS 5839 series is an essential guide for anyone involved in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and use of fire detection and alarm systems.

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BS EN 62382 Electrical and Instrumentation Loop Check Standard Issued

Control systems in the process industry. Electrical and instrumentation loop check

Publication Date: 31 March 2013

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BS EN 61558-2-14 Transformer Standard Issued

Safety of transformers, reactors, power supply units and combination thereof. Particular requirements and tests for variable transformers and power supply units incorporating variable transformers

Publication Date: 31 March 2013


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BS 5489-1 Code of Practice for the Design of Road Lighting Released

BS 5489-1:2013 is a revision of the British Standard for road lighting design that provides additional guidance to the BS EN 13201 series.

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BIP 2081 :2012 A Guide to Emergency Lighting

Fire safety legislation places considerable responsibility on all those involved in designing, installing and manufacturing emergency lighting systems, to meet fire safety risk assessments.

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BS EN 40-3-3 :2013 Lighting Columns Verification by Calculation Just Issued

BS EN 40-3-3 :2013
Lighting columns. Design and verification. Verification by calculation

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BS EN 40-3-2 :2013 Lighting Columns Verification by Testing Just Issued

BS EN 40-3-2 :2013
Lighting columns. Design and verification. Verification by testing

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BS EN 40-3-1 :2013 Lighting Columns Specification for Characteristic Loads Just Issued

BS EN 40-3-1 :2013
Lighting columns. Design and verification. Specification for characteristic loads

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BS 7211: 1998 renamed and Superseded by BS 7211: 2012

BS 7211: 2012
Electric cables - Thermosetting insulated and thermoplastic sheathed cables for voltages up to and including 450/750 V for electric power and lighting and having low emission of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire.
Supersedes BS 7211: 1998 which remains current

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