BS 8536:2010 Facility Management Briefing. Code of practice

bs8536This standard gives recommendations for facility management briefing to ensure that design takes account of the expected performance of the facility in use. It is applicable to the provision of documentation supporting this purpose during construction work and/or installation, testing and commissioning, handover and start-up of operations.

Facility management briefing focuses on those aspects of design that are concerned, amongst other things, with ensuring the operational success of a refurbished or new facility.

It also considers matters relating to the safe and correct operation of the facility, as confirmed by the owner in communication with the designer and as recorded in the design brief.

It is not applicable to the preparation of a project brief or to design development.

BS 8536 is intended for use by individuals and organizations preparing or contributing to the preparation of a design brief, including owners refurbishing an existing facility, organizations procuring a new facility and designers.

The development of BS 8536 was sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting innovation in the UK.

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